Welcome to our New Chiropractor!

Tim Elchah – Commencing Monday 4th April 2016 


There is a new face at the Norton Street Leichhardt Chiropractic & Health Centre.

His name is Timothy Elchah and he will be joining us after having worked the last few years in the Southern Highlands with Dr John Kelly (Chiropractor) and Dr Indran Rajendra (General Practitioner).

Having previously worked with NSW Oztag  & Australian Oztag teams, he is extensively experienced with the latest sports injury prevention and management techniques.

With a strong emphasis on patient education, he has a keen interest in helping patients of all ages with spinal and peripheral injuries. He incorporates rehabilitation techniques, and a manual treatment approach to improve joint function and alter poor habitual postures.

Initially he will be available every Mon, Wed and Friday. As of Monday 2nd May he will be available full time Mon – Sat.

We are delighted Tim has joined us for the long term and we have every confidence in his skills and ability.

Warm Regards,

Rosemary, Catherine, and Emma


Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching is great prior to exercise. Do a light warm up (five minutes) to increase your body temperature. This will circulate blood to the muscles. Then complete some of the stretches listed in this article based on the exercise that you are about to complete. Great for injury prevention and increased mobility!


Dynamic Stretching

Twins Study into Back Pain

Four million people in Australia suffer from back pain making it one of the most common chronic conditions.

“Twins with back pain early in life, from around 12 years of age, have a four-fold increased risk of also reporting back pain when they are 30-years-old”. This saying that prevention and early intervention and treatment is important is reducing the chance of chronic back pain later in life.

The take home message from this is if your child suffers from back pain book an appointment so the cause of the back pain can be effectively assessed and treated so it doesn’t continue to be a problem later in life. The earlier intervention occurs the less likely it will progress to a chronic problem.

Click here to access more information regarding this research




The Benefits of Good Posture

This is what I repeat to my patients every appointment. In short, move more and sit less. If you have to sit for your job make sure your workstation is set up in the most ergonomically sound way! If you require any other information don’t hesitate to ask us at your next appointment